Entity LED Gel Light Nail Dryer Lamp


  • $ 239.00

What you'll get:
1 x Entity LED Gel Light Nail Dryer Lamp (new in box)

Product description:
The precisely constructed five finger, motion activated Entity LED Gel Light is calibrated for expert performance. It is specially designed for fast, proficient gel curing.

The Entity LED Gel Light cures to create nails with a shine, scratch resistance and durability second to none. The compact design will provide years of reliability, consistency and superior quality.

The Entity LED Gel Light has consistent power and performance for up to 50,000 salon hours.

• Professional
• Expert Performance
• Cures five fingers or toes.
• Compact design saves table space.
• Easy-to-remove tray for effortless, thorough disinfecting.
• Ergonomically designed for client comfort during manicures and pedicures.
• Three pre-set cure times; 10, 30, 60 seconds.
• No bulb replacement.
• Universal Input: 100-240VAC
• Output: 12V/3.3A

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