NEW OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer Polish .5 oz FULL size 100% AUTHENTIC


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What you'll get:
1 x your choice of NEW OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer Polish .5oz (no box)

Product Description: 
Experience high shine manicures with OPI’s innovative long-wear lacquer system. Enjoy gel-like wear and shine in lacquer easy formula! Do it yourself or ask a salon pro to apply!

• exclusive Color formula ensures lasting rich color.
• it wears like gel and removes like lacquer!
• professional stain free system
• cures without light
• up to 11 Days of Gel-Like Wear and Shine
• more Wear. Less Chipping. Better Gloss.
• long Wear. Easy, Soak Free Removal.

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer Polish Color Options:
Alpine Snow (ISL L100)
Beyond the Pale Pink (IS L35)
Brains & Bronze (IK L23)
Bubble Bath (ISL S86)
Cajun Shrimp (ISL L64)
Dulce de Leche (ISL A15)
Endless Purple Pursuit (IS L52)
Endurance Race to the Finish (IS L06)
Enter the Golden Era (IS L37)
Eternally Turquoise (IS L33)
Funny Bunny (ISL H22)
Get Ryd-of-thym Blues (IK L16)
Glow the Extra Mile (IS L49)
Hold Out for More (IS L51)
If You Persist... (IS L56)
I'm Not Really a Waitress (ISL H08)
Indefinitely Baby (IS L55)
Lavendurable (IS L44)
Linger Over Coffee (IS L53)
Maintaining My Sand-ity (IK L21)
No Stopping Me Now (IK L07)
Non-Stop White (IS L32)
Patience Pays Off (IS L47)
Pearl of Wisdom (IS L34)
Pretty Pink Perseveres (IS L01)
Purpletual Emotion (IS L43)
Staying Neutral (IK L28)
Stick It Out (IS L58)
Substantially Tan (IS L50)
The Beige of Reason (IS L31)
The Latest and Slatest (IS L78)
The Sun Never Sets (IS L42)
Tiramisu for Two (ISL V28)
To Infinity & Blue-yond (IS L18)
To The Finish Lime! (IS L20)
Whisperfection (IS L76)
Withstands the Test of Thyme (IS L19)

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